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Una Baker | March 1, 2019

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Winter Pick Me Up

Una Baker | February 22, 2019

My day-to-day life consist of products that work for me.  From tea to coffee to moisturizer, I am a creature of sticking to what works and not one to follow trends.  However, as I age I have a calling to reach out for something different as my skin changes….sadly…so I wanted to share with you some new products.

A few daily additions to my routine from tea to moisturizer are:

Traveling light!

As I prepare for my 2 week trip to Europe I gather together beautiful travel essentials.  One of my favorites is TATA HARPER daily essentials kit.

CAP Beauty: Beauty Is Wellness. Wellness Is Beauty.

On my most recent visit to CAP Beauty for a special and amazing facial I was treated to a beautiful warm restorative drink.
Immediately, it calmed me and at the same time sent this sense of energy throughout my body.  The blend of Goji, Rhodiola, Astragalus, Codonopsis and a touch of Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) warmed me from head to toe.  I had a cup before bed and slept amazingly.

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New York Dining ~ Italian

Una Baker | January 30, 2019

Exploring the endless culinary restaurant scene in New York 24/7 is exhausting.
I am rummaging thru the recent dining experiences I have indulged in and want to go back to these!  (and the gym…haha)
Malaparte is tucked away in the West Village which is my favorite neighborhoods in New York.
Founded by Chef Emanuele Attala in 2011 with a dream to create a menu inspired by the authentic cooking from the Adriatic Sea.
il Buco – Founded in 1994 by film maker Donna Lenard and Alberto Avalle.  Il Buco family has two restaurants in NYC and one in Ibiza, Spain.  In New York there is il Buco and il Buco Alimentari & Vineria (which is my favorite).

Café Altro Paradiso – LOVE this restaurant for lunch or dinner as it has beautiful décor bringing in outdoor light and city life.

Peasant – Adorable and quaint restaurant fitting for a damp, cold New York evening.  Love the wood burning fireplace, warm country esthetics and the food!
Favorites is the acciuga e radice, polenta con funghi, risotto and the gnocchi!


Fashion, online shopping, & made in the US

Una Baker | January 28, 2019

It is a rainy January day in New York and I decided to filter thru my box of business cards.

There were some amazing treasures I would like to share with you.
Here are some fantastic online companies that are unique, each have a special niche that
makes them extra special and focus on made in the USA!

Wilson and Willy – I would love to actually visit this beautiful boutique in Minneapolis.  We need more specialty boutiques around the country!  Each product in their store is made in the US concentrating on independent artists and small businesses that focus on high quality and uniqueness.

Linoto – they for sure live up to their motto – “simple pleasures”.  Linoto, founded in 2007, has an amazing selection of home linens and accessories as well as the option to have curtains custom made to your desire.  All of Linoto’s products are made in New York!

Peg and Awl – I had the pleasure of meeting the founders, Walter and Margaux,  at a home show a few years ago.  Walking away so inspired I immediately I ordered their magnetic knife rack.
Revisiting their website today is dangerous as I live in a small city apartment…
This bath caddy may find a home in my maison...
My maison
Never enough journals in my world
Roll & Hill – beautifully and exquisitely designed lighting fixtures. Jason Miller founded the company in 2010 and is committed to design each piece to be unique and fulfill the desire of each client.
Jason was inspired to create a company that allows young independent designers create beautiful, unique and individual designs.  All made by hand in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Candle Studio – those of you who know me, I LOVE candles…not too sweet but subtle, a little early and maybe a touch of lavender.
My favorite!

Soins de Beauté

A little love for your hair

Una Baker | January 18, 2019

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Soins de Beauté

A little love for your feet

Una Baker | January 16, 2019


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