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Una Baker | November 29, 2019

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Una Baker | November 25, 2019


This beautiful boutique is located in the heart of SoHo on quaint Thompson Street.  Since opening in 1999, Makié Yahagi, she has become an iconic go to boutique for children’s wear, women’s, interior, jewelry and accessories. I so love that she has an online shop for all of you not in New York to experience.

Makié’s attention to detail is so effortless yet inspiring.  Upon entering her boutique you no longer feel the hustle and bustle of New York. There is a calmness and beauty to everything you see from the elegant clothing to the welcoming staff. It is a challenge to find such unique boutiques that cater to those that want something different and personal. The attention to detail warms my heart as I so miss all the wonderful unique boutiques that have come and gone.

Makié Soho Loft

In 2017, Remodelista (one of my favorite online design sites) did a beautiful story on Makié.  The aesthetics of her boutique raised the question: What does her home look like. Her home is a duplicate of the boutique. Her home is simply curated with the most beautiful linens, simple yet elegant kitchen and a flow that give you the Japanese Zen felling with a modern touch.  The Remodelista article is so detailed you are invited to tap into many of the items websites she has in her home.  Take the time to read the review as there are some amazing ideas and tips. Like her mosquito coils in a handmade ceramic dish.

Her home resonates with how I love to design which is mixing beautiful antique items, custom ceramics to simple IKEA.  (and who can live without MUJI.COM)


Vegan Squash Soup

Una Baker | November 22, 2019

Vegan Squash Soup


I was so excited to see Koginut winter squash at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.  Koginut squash was developed by Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns. The harvest and production is very limited for this special variety therefore, I felt like I found gold. It boasts a silky texture and rich flavor. I used only one of these for my soup. Another option for squash would be the Honeynut. Since honeynut is petite you will need approximately 4 for this recipe. Continue Reading

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Music of the Moment

Una Baker | November 20, 2019

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Una Baker | November 18, 2019

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Tomato Soup

Una Baker | November 15, 2019

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